We are so excited to help you navigate life with a new family member. We want to make sure you are completely prepared to be the best puppy owner you can be. 

We recommend that you read through this as well as read up online about puppy care before you pick-up your new puppy — especially if you're a new dog owner. If you establish some ground rules in the very beginning, it will greatly increase your chances of a well-behaved dog. 


Your 8-10 week-old puppy can “hold it” 4 hours during the day and about 6 hours at night, but that doesn’t always mean they will so make sure you are taking them out a couple times a night. Pups and adult dogs love their “den” and like to keep it clean, so a crate is a helpful tool for potty training and for keeping your small pup safe. Our #1 recommendation to new puppy owners is to crate train your new puppy. We recommend your new puppy sleeping in their crate for the first 6 months. We also recommend using a divider to adjust the crate size as your puppy grows.


Take your pup out often during the day and reward with praise and a treat after each successfully potty outside. Try to keep eyes on your pup at all times the first few weeks or until he/she is potty trained. Taking away access to all food and water by 6:00pm will eliminate the need to take them potty as often during the night. Getting used to a crate without mom and litter-mates might take a couple of nights. Some pups are comforted by having a blanket draped over the crate and putting the crate next to your bed. This can allow you to place your hand inside the crate to comfort your pup if need be. 



You should find a vet you are comfortable with and have a well-visit within a week of receiving your new puppy. Your vet will advise you when to begin flea & tick medication, heartworm prevention, worming and when to have follow-up vaccinations. We ask you to please avoid dog parks, potty areas at rest stops, and any other public areas until your puppy is fully vaccinated.



Doodles are low to non-shedding dogs, but they do require grooming. Our dogs visit the groomer about once every 2-4 months. Your groomer should be comfortable with basic maintenance (brushing, trimming nails, cleaning ears). If you have a specific look in mind, let your groomer know.



All our puppies come with a two year genetic health guarantee. We extend this to three years for families who feed Paw Tree and/or Life Abundance food and supplements.



Our puppies are sold as family pets and not for breeding purposes. We ask that you have your puppy spayed or neutered by their first birthday, but not before 6 months of age as this can cause health problems for your dog. 



Puppies love to chew. They also need to chew. We recommend having lots of chew toys and bully sticks around for your puppy. Divert their attention from shoes, children’s toys, and other items you don’t want chewed by substituting with an acceptable replacement. Make sure your puppy is getting the attention it needs. See our shop link, (insert shop page link), for some good chew toys and other items to help make the puppy transition to your home happy and seamless. 



We are always available for support. If you have questions or need advice caring for your Blue Lace Farm puppy, feel free to call or email us anytime.